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Doing my best! β€’21 hours ago

Tips & Tricks for Using the SweatTent

I've been making herb infused water to pour over the rocks for a bit of aromatherapy, that's been a great sauna addition for me.

- Get a bunch of fresh herbs (I'm sure dried could work too)

- Pour boiling water over it

- Let it sit covered for 15-20 mins

- Strain well (really, it was not a pleasant smell for chunks of herbs I did not strain out to burn on the rocks)

- Pour over rocks and enjoy 😌😌😌

So far I've tried combinations of lavender, rosemary and mint

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Top Contributor

5 days ago

Tips & Tricks for Using the SweatTent

When I leave the sauna i put on lots of moisturizer. my skin soaks it up. Just want to be sure my skin doesn't get super dry. So far so good!

ava010's avatar

Top Contributor

5 days ago

Tips & Tricks for Using the SweatTent

I drink lots of water before I enter the sauna. Plus I bring my water bottle inside to be sure I stay hydrated.

whiskeyred's avatar

6 days ago

Sauna Rocks rusting?

I had to travel and it rained once while I was gone. The inside of the tent is wet and many of the sauna rocks now have rust on them. Anyone else experience this?

tod's avatar

1 week ago

Some history on saunas

Was interested in @slater's polls on the history of saunas, so did some digging β€”Β 

apparently in Finnish culture, women often gave birth in saunas due to their cleanliness!!

has anyone heard of that before?!