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5 hours ago


Apparel Drop Pt.1

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your willingness to give some feedback. As our loyal community we value your opinions and want to make sure we are curating apparel and merch that you all will love and would wear/use.

I want to hear all opinions so please drop a comment or like and let me know what you think!

I will continue to post other options this week.

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2 days ago


Would You Be Interested In Getting an Early Look/Having Input Into Our Apparel and Merch?

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5 days ago

Top Contributor

Cold plunge setup ideas?

After months of lurking the community and researching saunas I finally ordered my SweatTent! I am really excited to get it set up in my backyard and have it easily accessible for regular use.

I would love to pair it with a cold plunge, does any one have suggestions for a cheap and easy cold plunge setup?

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1 week ago

Window covers

I live in the Midwest where it’s been a cold spring thus far. I’m noticing the sweat tent doesn’t maintain heat very long.

can the sweat tent be operate with the window covers on to try and increase the heat retention?

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