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crossfitkt's avatar

5 months ago

Top Contributor

Hello Rhode Island

Hello from Rhode Island, been eyeing a Sweat Tent for months now and wanted to wait until the Black Friday sale. Ordered mine this Friday and cant wait to get started. I currently cold plunge with my ice barrel daily so looking forward to adding in contrast therapy.

thea258's avatar

5 months ago

Thea here from Sacramento

I've grown up hiking and always exploring the outdoors. I've discovered the power of saunas recently, and am excited to develop this regular practice.

amelia01's avatar

6 months ago

Hi from Savannah

Hi everyone, I have been practicing hot yoga for years, and am a big believer about the benefit the heat.

Excited about Sweat Tent so I can get the benefits of the heat when I am simply meditating in my at home sauna.

paulxxx's avatar

6 months ago

Hi I'm Paul from Austin

A friend was telling me about how he goes to the sauna at the gym, but I workout at home. Seems like there are lots of benefits from heat exposure, so I'm curious about the at home options.

I love working out (weights, running, biking, etc) and I'm always looking for ways to improve my performance.