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epower's avatar

2 months ago

How do I collapse the tent for storage?

Dave Maus had a brief video on Youtube but does anyone know of a more detailed 'how to'?

When I collapsed my brand new tent (Storm's a comin) the metal joints gouged each other and raised a burr large enough to cut the fabric. Quick work with a file took care of it but this seemed most avoidable.

Instructions unclear :)


bradleyjrussell's avatar

5 months ago

Top Contributor

Is my tent lost?

my order came!!! EXCEPT IT IS MISSING THE TENT? Is this normal? i Have the part that covers it but not the tent or the bench? Am I just missing where they put it?

wyatt_j's avatar

5 months ago

Can I always leave my tent up in my backyard?

or is it better if i keep it inside in case it's raining or drizzling

kcw5199's avatar

5 months ago

Heat retention

Anyone use any heat reflectors or something to retain the heat? I have my stove on a 12x24 tile of porcelain for stability. I thought about making a backing to the stove that would function as a heat reflector. Anyone tried this?